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QuestionWhat is a "forum"?

AnswerA panFora forum is a place for one community or group of users to post/view new messages, responses and share files within a definable topic structure.
panFora Basic, Plus and Pro licenses allow you to host multiple forums on the same server hardware, enabling you to cost efficiently serve different user groups and customers.

QuestionHow do I make the forum look like it's part of my site?

Answer panFora can be easily customized to use the same colors and backgrounds used on your website (use "Edit Color Scheme" in the Administrator's Menu). Also by adding additional header or footer frames that contain your website content and navigation links to your panFora forum (use "Edit Forum Layout" in the Administrator's Menu), panFora becomes completely embedded in your website.

You may want to more tightly integrate message posting opportunities within your website page content. Because panFora typically opens new windows for message posts, you may emulate that behavior and using the appropriate URL for posting into the desired topic area. The appropriate URL can be found by bringing up a posting window for the target topic from with the forum, and then capturing the URL for that posting window.

Similarly, you may also create hyperlinks within any of your website pages to open a target topic within the forum. Follow the same procedure as above to determine the URL, but replace "FPost" in the URL with "Forum".

QuestionIs there a limitation on the size of a posted message?

AnswerThere is no limit imposed by panFora on the size of a posted message. However, there are likely to be some practical limits.
On most browsers, text fields are limited to approximately 32,000 characters. In rare situations, there may also be limits set by the web server software configuration.

QuestionHow many messages can I have in the forum?

AnswerPractically speaking, this limit is determined by data storage capacity and operating system constraints (i.e. the maximum file storage size limit for the given OS platform).
Note that while panFora Lite and panFora Personal will store all posted messages, they will only display the most recent 500 and 2000 messages, respectively.
Upgrading your license to panFora Basic, Plus or Pro will immediately enable all stored messages for display.

QuestionWhat happens when I exceed the number of messages in panFora LITE or panFora PERSONAL?

AnswerNote that while panFora Lite and panFora Personal will store all posted messages, they will only display the most recent 500 and 2000 messages, respectively.
Remember that upgrading to a higher level license does not require a new installation!
So if you exceed the number of maximum number of messages allowed by your current license, just check out panFora upgrade plans.

QuestionHow do I submit a question?

AnswerJust ask us and your question will be posted automatically on the Tech Support Forum, where our staff will get to it asap.
View your question on the Tech Support Forum.
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